iOgrapher - Create Better Video With Your Mobile Device

May 31, 2017

Dave Basulto, from iOgrapher, talks about how to make high-quality video on your mobile device. He talks about using the iOgrapher case, mobile video recording apps, lenses, and even Multicam shooting and editing on both iPhone and iPad.


Thanks for showing up. You guys are obviously the smartest people here at the conference. Um, so my name is Dave Basulto and uh, I am the CEO and inventor of the iOgrapher case. It's like my fourth NAB that we've had it four years ago. Tim David back in the room, follow me around with my prototype and I set, finally said, who the hell are you? And he says, Oh, I'm with the Apple. I said, okay, well we can talk. Um, so anyway, let me tell you real quick about the iOgrapher story. I used to be a high school media teacher in San Marino, California. I had a 130 students every day and I had three, uh, DSLRs. I had, uh, two, uh, Sony broadcast cameras and we were never getting enough work done. Um, that just was impossible. So I became an accidental entrepreneur at the age of 49.


Um, necessity is the mother invention. And um, I started to think, let's see, I started lets the kids use their iPhones and iPads and um, I was getting more work done, but I was getting really bad footage. That was shaky. The audio was horrible. Um, of course the lighting and everything. And so I go, there's gotta be a different way. And I started to doodle on my iPad pro and figured out, you know, I want this thing that had handles. I thought you need handles for stability. And I wanted to shoes on top to add camera accessories like audio and stuff like that. And I wanted to be able to put lenses on the front. And so, um, let me just get through this. So add lenses, I wanted 'em put it on a tripod. I want it to securely hold. It's of you shook it, it would never fall out.


And so I had created this and made a three D model of it, made a three D print, um, which cost me a whole $200 to print for. And I had a working prototype. We launched a Kickstarter and that was our first product, uh, four years ago. And we were successful. And I was telling, all of a sudden I'm getting calls from Forbes and doing interviews and, and the teacher that wants to help revolutionize, um, video in the classroom. And I told them I just wanted to get rich. I didn't care about that, but my kids were doing amazing things. They were going out there and shooting that these devices were intuitive to them. Um, so they just got it right away. They were out there doing way more content. They were filming sports, we were doing green screen shoots. Uh, we even did multi-camera shoots using our devices.


I'll get into that a little more later. Um, we were streaming the live, uh, I at the, before I left, we were doing for camera livestream, uh, multicam shoots, um, going out, uh, to the internet. Um, so that parents and other States are I parents, but grandparents or whatnot, cause watch little junior year play football. So it was pretty fun. And then things got bigger and it grew and I had to stop being a teacher and it was a sad day. But, um, all of a sudden I found myself sitting in the board room of the Celtics and, um, I was, it was hard for me because I'm a lifelong Angeleno and I bleed blue and gold or purple and gold and so, but money talks and throw their as and uh, so they use our stuff for, uh, for um, uh, going out to interview people in the stands.


Instead of having the big cameras now they're able to get some great stuff off the iPads or the iPhone and then they're putting it up on the jumbotrons. Um, so they're doing something. Then you also use it for coaching and stuff. For instance, instant playback. Um, BBC was one of our first adopters. They're huge, uh, customers of ours. They love using all of the iPhone stuff, um, to go out there and, and they just find it easier to go out and do mobile journalism with this type of stuff. And I-phones are just getting better and better. President of Mexico getting interviewed with, uh, an iPad and lav or mic from road, uh, one of our customers is the Olympic team, the, uh, bobsled team. And the, they're big users of it. And they've actually invited me to come to, uh, to, uh, Utah to go down to the bobsled run and declined about a hundred times.


There's no way. And if you guys like soccer, the premier league is huge users of ours. Um, I'm a big, uh, a hero to my former students cause they loved soccer. And when they saw Christiana Rinaldo right there, they were like, Oh, that's it. Me, I don't really care. Uh, this is a great slide. Uh, because, uh, the Microsoft team sent me a thing saying that they loved our product and they're going to fit a outfit, the whole Microsoft studio with them. So I thought that was funny because we don't make any products for Microsoft, uh, but they love using them for their social media and whatnot. And a picture is worth a thousand words. I woke up one morning to see Steven Spielberg holding my iPad mini case. So that was kind of a fun event. I was ready to throw in the towel and be done with it all.


And then to make matters worse, I had to write a book. And so that's my book on Amazon and you guys are interested in, it's a little shameless prologue there, but let's increase your ability to make better video. And I'm going to show you how to, we're going to do that. Biggest thing for me is audio. I mean you can have mediocre video, but you got to have great audio. Um, even if it's just putting in the ear buds that they, it comes with your iPhone or iPad. Um, and, and just having that, it's going to up at 100%. So audio is key. Stability of course you want to be, whether you use our product or other products that are out there, we hope you use our product. Um, stability, you know, instead of being shaky and stuff like that, put it on tripod or at least have it on some kind of handles system lenses.


Of course, we have different lenses. We'll get into that too. Um, and then apps, you can get some apps that will really up your game. And I'm going to show you about all of these. These audio a makers are doing great microphones for iOS and Android devices. Um, I have right here on Samson tech has a new product that's just coming out that's a dual channel, um, wireless microphone, lavalier or handheld, uh, $300. And uh, you can monitor the audio, you can change the gain. Uh, you can do a bunch of stuff. It sounds amazing. In fact, we're going to go fuck around and do some interviews later in the show floor with it. I like to think it's a game changer for that as far as price point as well. Um, Sennheiser just came out with some really great, um, uh, lavalier mics, uh, some new ones that are coming out.


Uh, I came multimedia for $40. You can buy a little lavalier mic that, um, has the ability to monitor the audio, but you also Daisy chain more lavalier. So if you're doing an interview, you could put, you know, three or four level ears on everybody and still monitor the audio and you're getting great audio. So I would recommend checking out all of these companies. Wrote, of course, we're a huge road seller. They're our number one microphone that we sell. Um, they are fantastic and really ups the game on the stuff you're doing, whether it's just filmmaking, broadcast, journalism, live video, you know, all those things. Um, stability. Like I said, I mean, you got to put these things on a tripod at, at the least. Um, um, have some kind of, you know, we, I love about Mike. My invention I should say is that if somebody who had had this before, people were making cases that were just cases to protect things and I said, okay, that's great, but I want to hold this thing, you know, one of our biggest, um, users of this, our, um, adult homes around the, around the country for elder because they use iPads and they were just slipping out of their hands.


So they just use them for the ability to hold them, you know, with, with the handles and stuff. So it's kind of funny. Um, lenses. So, um, right. Let's see, where is it? This is the Moondog labs anamorphic lens. If you guys might know that out there, it's a really popular lens. Um, they made a version that works with all of our stuff. And, uh, if you have, uh, let's see, a couple of years ago, I think it's now, um, Tangerine was a movie that was shot all in the iPhone five S I'll using that lens. Um, beautiful lens. Uh, I'm, I come from the old days where I liked, um, Lawrence of Arabia and I want to see everything. And so it's cool. Um, this other lens is our new 12 times a telephoto lens. Now they're able to get right on the field and follow the action and stuff like that.


And if you guys really, really want to geek out, um, you can add a Nikon or Canon lenses, um, and PL lenses as well with certain adapters that are out there so you can go as crazy. That's, that's, I love shooting my 50 millimeter and, um, you know, having fun like that. Um, so let's talk about apps. Um, do they use any of you guys use filmic pro or have you heard, yeah, so filming pros like the GoTo, I don't know if you've seen the new version of it and there's a new version that, um, if you're on the iPhone seven plus, it allows you to shoot in log mode and so you're getting, you can kind of do some amazing color correction later on. And it only works on a seven plus though. So they're trying to get it to work with other versions too.


But, uh, the Tim that I, the regular 4K is shoots what, like 50 megabits per second, something like that. 45. Okay. So filmic pro, we'll up it and filmic extreme to a hundred plus megabits per second. So you're getting a better quality video. Another one's guerrilla filmmaker, 108 megabits per second, same thing. Uh, lots of bells and whistles, colors, stuff. I mean, you can do a ton of things with this. It's, these are two awesome apps to go with. Um, if you're going to go make some stuff, um, this, uh, for editing, I'm falling in love with and, and, and Tim will know. Um, and, and so I know Apple really well. I know Adobe really well and I've said you guys have to make a premiere pro iPad version, iOS version or a or a final cut pro iOS version and they don't listen to me.


So this company kinda master has come out with this amazing editing app where you can put layers, um, multiple layers of video, multiple layers of audio. You can, um, uh, you can change the audio around and it's just amazing stuff. And I would, it's on beta right now. I sought at the IBC show last year and it's, and it's just such a great, I was just playing with it. Um, it just came out like a week ago, uh, the beta. So I would highly recommend going to kin master and trying to get on the beta. The biggest thing too is it does chroma key as well. So this is some footage I shot earlier down the hall there, this guy playing a and one of the boosts, the ultimate booth or something. And I just took some footage and I just keep them really quick and some footage I had and you know, I mean it's insane.


So it's pretty fun. I love this app called [inaudible] master. So, um, now if you want to go out and shoot a four camera shoot, um, you've got switcher studio, um, and it's basically an app that costs a, I think it's two 99 a year or something like that. Now, um, instead of having to drag tons of cables and whatnot, you've got four of the lipids in your backpack or two I-phones or an iPod touch or whatever you want. Um, it also works really well with, um, the DJI, uh, what is it? The Osmo. So they're like, you, they just added that. Yeah. So now you can go and, and pan around and stuff like that. So awesome. Awesome app. Um, switcher studio, they have a free version called switcher go that does a lot of things. You can bring in your, your desktop as well as, as a camera version.


So you can do some great stuff with that. And then this monster, I've been beta testing for awhile. Um, you guys know sling box. Um, so Slingbox has a product called Sleen studio and what it is, is this super powerful Cisco dual router. Um, and it has this capture system inside of it. Um, and it's $1,000, so it might be a little steep, but for what it does now, I can go anywhere, set this thing up, bring in, uh, up to 10 devices that I want. Um, but you can also with their little, what's it called again? The sleep camera link. You can add those to your other cameras if you have a DSLR or black magic camera or whatever. Those could be inputs, you know, you can also go HTMI intuitive you want. Um, so here's the big thing. What everyone asks me, why don't you use a real camera?


And, um, I say that they're expensive. Uh, you know, to get it high end DSLR to get, you know, I have it sitting in my garage. I have, I was one of the first buyers of the, uh, of the red, uh, Scarlet camera. I went to the red event. I loved it and I was just so happy and you know, I didn't really use it anymore because it's a lot of work. It's just not, I can just go set it up and shoot, um, computer. You have to absolutely come home as download all the footage, let's add it, blah, blah. You know, here I could have, does kinda master, I'm up on the Facebook, wherever, you know, accessibility once again, pulling it out, shooting right away, ready to go. Um, and then time, time is of the essence. Let's, let's get this stuff out there because our audiences are all these people.


My son watches a, um, Minecraft, a guy, Dan, the Dan TDM, his name, but he, you know, he'll put up a video and, and within 45 minutes, there's 800,000 views. I mean, it's just, that's, that's, this is where they're at. Okay. So that's what you gotta do. So I'm just telling you to go tell your story. And this is my company, and this is where you can find me. I answer all the social media. We're a very small company in California. There's four of us. And so that's if you needed any questions or stuff. I do a live show on Facebook every Friday at four 30. Um, so please feel free to chime in. We give away gifts and, and, uh, talk about stuff, you know, and it's fun.