Jace Sparks - Faster Together Podcast EP06

Mar 03, 2020

This week, Jace Sparks (The QYOU) stops by The Faster Together Podcast to school Josh and co-host Alan Seawright on what the future of broadcast media will look like and how companies can start rethinking their video strategy for this year and beyond.

Jace explains how adding value in any way possible (like building a website from scratch for the production team while he was a P.A.) in his early days both helped catapult his career and launch him deep into the world of creative media technologies. The group covers everything between 5G's impact on broadcast technology to why Jace thinks every brand will become a media company by using metadata in a completely different way than what you’re probably used to. Josh learns that he’s a “passive” viewer of content (if you’re a Netflix binger - this is you too!) and that we can readjust the way we engage with media if we understand four different viewing behaviors.


Learn more about The QYOU: https://qyoumedia.com/


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