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Jellyfish Clouds
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Turn your Jellyfish into your team's own private cloud

Jellyfish Remote Access allows your team to access all of your media and project files, download and upload content right from Finder, and collaborate in real-time on your video projects using proxy mode remotely off your server.

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Get the benefits of cloud without cloud limitations

Work directly from your Jellyfish while remote, without having to upload it to the cloud or sync any media to your local machine. Eliminate versioning issues, forget about cloud file-size limits, and stop mailing hard drives around the globe.

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Work at up to full gigabit speeds

The only limit to how fast you can go is the speed of your internet. The better your internet connection is, the better performance you’ll see and the more your team can accomplish while working from your Jellyfish remotely.

Easy setup

Easy setup

Use our Jellyfish Manager and Connect software integrations to get your Jellyfish connected to the internet in just a few clicks and give your whole team secure, instant access directly to the Jellyfish, wherever they may be.

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Jellyfish Remote Access uses a secure, end-to-end encrypted peer-to-peer virtual private network (P2PVPN) to bring your Jellyfish and remote workstations onto the same virtual network that does not require a public IP address.

FAQ Pricing

FAQ and Pricing

For more information on our pricing and how to get this up and running for your team, visit our Jellyfish Remote Access FAQ!

All of our editors, including myself, can log in to our Jellyfish at the office and work off of proxies and be able to complete a show and continue to air weekly.

Rachael Abrams - Director of Broadcast Communication - Love A Child

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