We believe that great video can change the world.

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LumaForge HQ

1311 S Flower St. Burbank, CA

A little about ourselves...

We are a rag-tag bunch of creatives, editors, hackers, artists—and one guy who minored in business—that really, really, really love video. Whether it’s TED Talks or tech reviews on Youtube, indie films or just people going full-send on Instagram, we’re into it.

From 9ish to 5ish, when we’re not watching or making videos, we’re hard at work developing tools to make life easier for creative teams around the globe to collaborate and create the amazing content that we all want to see.

We live for a good challenge, we love to solve hard problems, and we’re always looking for ways to go faster. We think storage is sexy and we worship the gods of simplicity and divine UX, but above all, we take our customer’s problems to heart, no matter the NLE.

LumaForge was born out of necessity, the change that we wanted to see in the world, bridging the gap between tech and post—a company built by creatives, for creatives.

So if you like piña coladas, and servers designed by video editors, let’s work together.

Meet the Team...

  • Tyler Heron

    Brand Manager

  • Brandy

    Stress Relief Supervisor

  • Beau

    Office Nap Manager

  • June

    Treat Request Representative

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