DaVinci Resolve and the OWC Jellyfish revolutionize video collaboration.

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Enable Resolve Collaboration right from your OWC Jellyfish

The OWC Jellyfish is much more than just storage. You can host the Davinci Resolve Collaboration server right on our server instead of tying up one of your workstations.

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One team, one collaboration hub

Speed up your collaboration between edit, color, motion graphics, and audio. With Resolve Collaboration and the OWC Jellyfish, you can work on the same projects at the same time while accessing the same assets from the same location. It really is a perfect fit.

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Kyno for OWC Jellyfish

Organize and filter through your entire media library through custom metadata. Send selected clips including images & audio files to DaVinci Resolve with two clicks or a keyboard shortcut, including the metadata you've entered in Kyno. Learn more...

"If we hadn’t had the OWC Jellyfish and that collaborative workflow, that ability to share media across multiple platforms, we would have had a really difficult time in wrangling all of the many moving parts that were a part of this production."

John Aldrich, Editor of The River and The Wall

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OWC Jellyfish Media Engine

Leverage the processing power of your OWC Jellyfish to generate proxies for your offline or remote workflows. Access those proxies locally or remotely and link them to your DaVinci Resolve project. Enter proxy mode and enjoy smooth playback no matter your connection speed and location. Learn more...

Cross Platform
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Cross-Platform Compatibility

Use the OWC Jellyfish as your shared storage solution for connecting to both Mac and Windows workstations. With DaVinci Resolve’s file path substitution feature, relinking will never be an issue.

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Shared Render Cache & Optimized Media

Every OWC Jellyfish server is equipped with an NVMe cache which allows you to share your rendered files without having to render everything again for each of your workstations.

"We need ultimate reliability in whatever we use, but we also want the technology to kind of go away. OWC Jellyfish Rack is the heart of our post-production. It’s where everything lives. It’s how we work."

James Tonkin - Founder of Hangman Studios

Why OWC Jellyfish?

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High Performance

High-speed connection that enables your entire team to work with 4K, 6K or 8K video files without dropping frames, directly off of the OWC Jellyfish.

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Easy of Use

The OWC Jellyfish relies on intuitive software tools to empower your editing team to make the most of their server with minimal onboarding time and setup.

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Store all of your team’s assets and projects in one place accessible to all from anywhere. Take your workflow to the next level.

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Data Security

The OWC Jellyfish is a RAIDed system with automated data snapshots, and folder-level permissions for users and groups without a complicated backend to setup and manage.

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Future Proof

Our servers come in a variety of storage options that can take you into the Petabytes. OWC Jellyfish storage expansions let your storage grow with you.

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With direct access to our team of IT and video workflow experts, there is always someone to call to get a quick and thorough response. We are a support team built by editors, for editors.

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