Streamline Your Workflow With Jellyfish Integrations

September 8, 2020 |

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Our team spends a ton of time focused on figuring out the best third-party post-production tools that can help Jellyfish users. We’ll usually hear about a new piece of software that one of our customers is using and then try to incorporate it into part of our own workflow. If it ends up being as helpful as we hoped it would be, we then focus on how that tool and a Jellyfish could work together to make our users’ lives even easier. Because the Jellyfish is powered by its own operating system, we can actually offer direct integrations right off the server!


Here are some of the top post-production software tools that we’ve developed integrations for, what they do, and how they can improve your video editing workflow.


Archiware P5


If you own a Jellyfish, it’s likely that you are dealing with dozens of terabytes of video footage. We can not stress enough how important it is to have safe backups and archives of your projects. After all of your hard work, having something happen to your Jellyfish and realizing that your media is not easily and readily accessible from another location is the last thing you’d want. That’s exactly where Archiware P5 on your Jellyfish can give you some peace of mind.


Archiware P5 can get your footage from your Jellyfish to cloud storage, disk storage (such as a slower server or raid systems that can’t be used for real-time editing), or LTO tape. You can also schedule automated back-ups or archives so that you can know that all your storage is being backed up properly. When you are making changes to the data on the Jellyfish, you can be sure that your data is safely kept in a second location for disaster recovery purposes. Set this process to happen daily, weekly, monthly or whatever meets your team’s workflow needs.


Last, Archiware includes an easy way to search through your archive media. We’ve all worked on projects, archived them, and then forgotten exactly where those files were stored. Archiware P5 keeps the metadata of your files in the archive, as well as proxy previews, so you can quickly search and see what you are recovering from the archive before you actually start the process.


To make this even better, Archiware P5 is also integrated with Kyno, which is one of our other favorite software tools. You can just right-click on a file and archive it to Archiware P5 which will take any metadata tags from Kyno and apply them to the file in the archive.


Raibar Chener, senior workflow engineer at LumaForge, co-hosted a webinar speaking more about how to use Archiware and the Jellyfish. If you’d like to learn more about using P5 to archive and backup your data, make sure to check that out!


Backblaze B2


As of Jellyfish Manager 1.0.18 and later, the Jellyfish can now handle your manual or automated backups directly to Backblaze B2. You can simply link a Jellyfish folder or an entire share that you want to backup regularly and connect it to your B2 cloud bucket. That’s it! While this process is super easy, our support team is always available if you have any questions.


This backup integration is intended as a “set it and forget it” tool as opposed to a searchable robust solution like Archiware P5. When using Backblaze B2, it is important to note that you won’t have archive options available to you and there won’t be any metadata transferred to your B2 bucket. That said, it’s incredibly straightforward to set up and relatively cost-effective. You can connect the Jellyfish to the internet and set up your cloud backup in minutes.


Simply put, the Jellyfish native integration with Backblaze is the perfect option for someone looking to add a ‘set it and forget it’ cloud backup option.  




Iconik is a media asset management (MAM) solution that lives in the cloud and can connect your Jellyfish to additional storage solutions that are in multiple locations. For example, Company A has offices in New York, San Francisco, and Amsterdam. Each office is equipped with a Jellyfish. Using the Iconik Storage Gateway integration that is built right into Jellyfish Manager, editors at all of those locations are able to search for assets in the large company library that lives in the Iconik cloud. They can preview the assets in proxy mode to see which Jellyfish hosts the original asset and then either download the proxy media or choose to request the original. Connecting your Jellyfish to the Iconik cloud is extremely easy with this integration.


If you’d like to see this workflow in action, check out our Powered by Jellyfish customer story featuring Love A Child.


Postlab (Coming Soon)


Postlab makes it a breeze to work together on edits in both FCPX and Premiere Pro. Project locking, version history, relinking prevention, tasks: everything's here to make an editor's life easier! Originally only available as a cloud subscription, we are excited to announce that Postlab will be exclusively available on Jellyfish for teams that want to take control of their collaborative editing workflow.


This integration will allow teams to run the Postlab server directly off of the Jellyfish instead of the cloud. While this makes perfect sense for teams that are working together at the same office, don’t worry if you aren’t all in the same location - between Postlab and Jellyfish Remote Access, you’ll be able to take this workflow with you on the road (or at least from the comfort of your home for now). (Coming Soon)


This integration couldn’t be more straightforward. It allows you to upload files to the cloud directly from your Jellyfish, without the need to connect the Jellyfish shares to your desktop. This simple integration is incredibly useful for cross-department teams who might not have their marketing department attached to their Jellyfish, but are collaborating with them on relevant projects.


It is also incredibly useful for remote workflows. You can control your uploads from the web interface and, if you are using Jellyfish Remote Access, you will be able to do that from wherever you’re working. Forget running to the office at the last minute because you forgot to upload the newly exported file to for your clients to review - just do it from the comfort of your home!


If there are other tools that you would like to see integrated with the Jellyfish, please let us know by reaching out to us at!